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Consultative Meeting of Cong. Charlie Cojuangco with Western Part Mayors

Congressman Carlos “Charlie” Cojuangco held a meeting with the western part Mayors of the First District of Tarlac in which he asked about the status and concers of his constituents during these trying times cased by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This meeting aims to come up with strategic plans and possible solutions using the programs and projects of the government


Training on Oyster Mushroom Production and Spawn Making

Congressman Charlie Cojuangco initiated a Training on Oyster Mushroom Production and Spawn Making together with Dr. Max Guillermo, President of Tarlac Agriculture University; Ms. Judy Sorsano, Mushroom Grower from TAU; Dr. Agnes Perey; and the Municipal Agriculture Officers from the First District of Tarlac last June 6, 2020.

Through this initiative, Cong. Charlie hopes to ignite the interest of fellow Tarlaquenos in homegrown food products through backyard planting. This is to ensure the food security of every Filipino family from this generation to the next.

Speech of COC for Mayantoc

(Speech delivered by Cong. Charlie O. Cojuango during the ASEAN Landmark
Lighting on August 8, 2017 at Don Francisco Memorial Auditorium, Mayantoc,
Tarlac at 7:00PM)
(Greet VIP’s who are present accordingly . . . . .)

Today is a momentous day for Mayantoc. It is one of the 50
historical sites chosen by the Department of Foreign Affairs-
ASEAN for the Landmark Lantern Lighting.

This lighting activity is both symbolic and significant because
this coincides with the commemoration of the Golden
Anniversary of ASEAN as this year, 2017, the Philippines also
takes the helm of ASEAN Chairmanship by our president,
Rodrigo Duterte.

As one of the participating municipalities, Mayantoc, was also
chosen on the merit of its role in shaping the history of our

This place is historically significant because this is where
General Francisco Macabulos, a Filipino patriot who led the
Katipunan revolutionary forces, finally surrendered to the
Americans. (Please check if this is correct)

Mayantoc is blessed with abundant yantok trees and vines.
People from this place must have acquired its traits: functional,
strong and adaptable which explains also the resiliency of its
people in enduring the challenges.

I personally take pride that Mayantoc is part of Tarlac’s 1 st
District, which your humble representative is serving.
As you may all know, Tarlac is one of the provinces that actively
took part in the revolution against the Spaniards, and later the
Americans. During those turbulent years Filipinos were fighting
for freedom and independence.

Amidst the struggle to become an independent nation, internal
conflicts and division among its leaders were also plaguing our

To this day, it is still our predicament. Unity seems to be an
elusive dream that we, as a country must continue to work for
and achieve.

Let me take this opportunity to call on every one to consider this
Landmark Lighting as an opportunity to reflect, that the lantern
does not only become an image but a TRUE SYMBOL OF HOPE

Hope does not begin and end with a wish and a desire. For Hope
to be achieved, it has to be supported by action and
commitment. We have to ACT for a change within us, and the
COMMITMENT to change for the better until we attain

May the symbolic lantern that we will light up today, become a
guiding light for all of us towards a bright and better future.

Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay!