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Tarlac First District

Lying at the Northern Part of Tarlac Province , a cluster of municipalities comprises the First District of Tarlac. These are Anao, Camiling, Mayantoc, Moncada, Paniqui, Pura, Ramos, San Clemente, San Manuel and Santa Ignacia. The District is bounded on the East by the Province of Nueva Ecija, on the South by the Province of Pampanga and on the North  by the Province of Pangasinan.  It is the gateway to the nearby Provinces of Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan.

Out of the seventeen (17)  municipalities of the Province of Tarlac and one (1) city,  ten (10) are found in the First District. Paniqui,Camiling and Moncada, all first class municipalities , are the most populated while Anao,San Clemente and Ramos are the least populated.

The District  has a total of  251 barangays. As of  2010 census, the population of the District is close to 400,000.

Of the three districts of the Province of Tarlac, the First District is the most diverse. The Pampangos, Ilocanos, Pangasinenses ,  Tagalogs and even Visayans  coexist in harmony.  In the language, in the cuisine, and in the day to day activities, these groups have made their contributions in defining the landscape and the character of the First District.

The First District municipalities constitute the Agri-Export Zones of the Province. Rice and sugarcane are the District’s primary produce.

Gen. Carlos P.Romulo (Camiling) , Senate President Protempore Jose J.Roy (Moncada) and Senator Macario Peralta (Moncada) are just some of the famous sons of the District from the distant past.  In more recent times, illustrious personalities who hailed from the First District include Danding Cojuangco, and many more.

The Summer Capital of Tarlac ( the town of Mayantoc), Ylang ylang capital of the Philippines ( the town of Anao), these exemplify  some of the interesting  characteristics  of the towns in the First District. Despite the similarities, the First District towns have each of their own distinct features and charm.