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San Manuel

San Manuel is a small developing town traversed by the MacArthur Highway as it winds to the north. It is found at the tip of the Province of Tarlac jabbing like a pointed horn into the province of Pangasinan but dropping like a bead of precious water into the vastness of the province. Yet, from a vantage point above, it looks like a shape of a previous marquise; hence, San Manuel may as well be referred to as the jewel of Tarlac.

Most of the people in San Manuel, just like most of those in the northern part of Tarlac, trace their roots from the Ilocos region which was a consequence of the Ilocano Diaspora, the Ilocanos’ propensity to migrate in search for the proverbial “greener pasture”. Moreover, early Ilocanos from nearby Pangasinan move southward and those from Zambales, eastward to discover a vast plain of lush forests, rich waterways and teeming wildlife which they transformed into parcels of farms. Out of bright hope, they decided to stay for good and settle as one community they named later on as San Manuel.

San Manuel traces its early political roots as “a Sister Municipality of Moncada” during the governorship of Don Manuel De Leon who sponsored its official creation and in whose honor the new town was named after. In another account, Ilocano migrant, Victoriano Castro, led to petition the Tarlac government to declare their settlement a town of its own in 1909.



A strong and progressive town of San Manuel where socio-economic activities are anchored on the empowerment and discipline of the people, impassioned for peace; Godliness, good like and education; alongside with enhancement of commercial, agricultural and industrial developments; while nurturing a healthy environment; and, utilizing judiciously its hard-earned resources.


To transform San Manuel into a future-ready town through sustained social, economic and environmental programs that shall promote and sustain moral, health, education and peace; alongside with modernizing agriculture and creating commercial activities that will bring real progress and quality life of the people.

To address the adolescent economic gains, the present administration has embarked on more ambitious projects like the construction of the new public market, trading center, flea market, commercial stalls and cultural center within the central district of the town. More widely known businesses are being attracted and more aggressive ones are given the necessary incentives and we can expect them to establish their businesses here, soonest. Aside from these, the local government is doing everything within its means to provide the basic services to all the sectors, most especially the empowerment of the farmers who are the backbones of our economy. This is made more realistic with the provisions of the needed technology transfer, farm equipment and support of basic inputs to increase their production that would definitely translate to better per capita inome.


The present trust of the Administration is to establish New Public High School building at the center of the town basically to solve the problems of reaching out local students in our locality who are confronted with difficult means and accessibility to the existing remove Public High School in one far flung barangay.


The continuous improvement of the Rural Health Building with is Birthing Home ensures the efficient and effective delivery of basic health services to our constituents. The limited BHW and Medical teams are deployed more strategically to promote health and sanitation in the different rural and far flung barangays. Modernization is slowly adopted with the establishment of basic Laboratory Services and improved Dental Services. BHW is strengthened through additional incentives to its personnel. Our recent enrollment in PhilHealth will definitely boost our medical capability with its capitation incentives.

The infrastructure programs of the Local Government Unit has been geared towards the construction rehabilitation of various municipal and barangay public access facilities such as Barangay Roads, Farm-to-Market Roads, schools, bridges, dredging of waterways, rehabilitation of Daycare Centers to address the different sectoral concerns regarding convenience and efficiency.

To address and accelerate the slow pace of commercial activity in the locality, an ambitious project was conceptualized and prioritized which involves the construction of a New Public Market, Commercial and Cultural Complex which will rise at the central district that would propel and ignite the development and progress of our town. A special component of this is the establishment of the Farmers’ Center which caters a big Trading Center, a Flea Market, Pasalubong Center, Training Center, Demo Farm, Seedling Bank and the new Agriculture Office.

The Local Government Unit has prioritized programs, projects and activities to ensure the preservation and conservation of the town’s environment, taking into consideration the implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan of the Municipality, as provided in R.A. 9003.

Among the prioritized PPA’s, which is in consonance with the ESWM-Plan, are the continuous information campaign on barangay-wide extent to educate the people regarding waste segregation; green revolution; and health and sanitation through clean environment. MRF in every Barangay is being required to centralize the gathering of garbage in all villages, so as, to facilitate the easier system for the LGU in its delivery to the dumping site in Capas, Tarlac. In line with this, the LGU plans to beef-up the transport facilities through bugger truck to minimize number of transport travels to Kalangitan.

The peacefulness of our locality has been maintained and sustained as indicated by the number of index and non-index crime recorded by San Manuel Police Office. Abuse of drug problem is not a big deal, as there are only a few users and pushers apprehended and positively tested during the height of the Operation Tokhang and Double Barrel of the PNP. A “Bahay Pagbabago” was established and maintained to reform the former. This prevailing situation in our locality reserves a good place for investment opportunities, business and investors alike.